Corporate Investigations

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Personal Inquiries

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Expert Services

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Survey & Research


Market Intelligence

Survey on consumers' preferences and choices

   Comparative intelligence of products

   Intelligence on distribution/sales network

   Intelligence on raw material suppliers

   Collection of other strategic intelligence

   Acquire evidences of tax evasions, manipulations etc.



History of Constituency & its MLAs

   Voters analysis - religion, caste, age, income wise

   Past polling pattern - booth and religion wise

   Votes polled to each contenstant

   Complete background of elected candidate

   Verification of voters list - per booth

   Pre poll opinion survey - 5% of total voters

   Pre poll opinion survey - 7% of total voters


Political Strategic Support & Intelligence (day-to-day basis)

   About Issues and factors of concern

   About the public pulse & mood

   Strengths and weakness of competitors

   Minimum team of three secret operatives per day