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Recovery of Money


In today's liberalized business environment, loans and borrowings are easily available. With the growing financial and economic activities, there has been a rise in bad debts as well. Though, all the financial institutions, banks and other money lenders carryout basic verifications, yet the habitual defaulters succeed not only in availing loans and finances while submitting false, fabricated and manipulated documents but such defaulters also are clever enough to avoid/delay payment of legitimate dues while adopting one or the other tricks or tactics.



Types of Matters

   We undertake all types of money recovery matters such as:

   Cheque bouncing cases,

   Bank loan default cases,

   Loans default by companies,

   Default matters relating to NBFCs

   Breach of commercial contracts,

   Breach of agreements,

   Summary trial under order 37 of C.P.C.,

   Recovery suits in High Courts and Subordinate Courts,




Solutions Offered

Litigation in Courts

Contrary to general perception of slow pace of litigation in courts, our long legal experience revealed that quick results could be achieved with efficient and pro-active handling of litigation.


We have in-house team of investigators who assist our lawyers at every step by acquiring relevant proves and details of the assets owned by the defaulter persons. We could achieve excellent results in money recovery suits due to synergy between the lawyers and investigators.



Out of Court Settlement

Out of all the matters, which we took up, more than 70% of the disputes were resolved out of the court. This could be possible because we apprise the defaulter(s)that their escape routes would be quickly closed and it would be profitable for them to settle the dispute with our client. In fact, each matter requires a strategy and intelligent litigation. We shall ensure that your money is paid to you at the fastest possible.



Takeover of your Bad Debts

Alternately, we can discuss the possibilities of taking over your bad debts on mutually agreeable terms and conditions. You may approach us with complete details of your matter, court file, if any, and other relevant details so that we can work out the modalities of taking over your bad debts.


Please contact us today for consulting your matter with us. We do not charge any fee for such consultation.