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>> Press Report : 7

Publication : Times Of India Ahmedabad

Date : 2005 Oct 04 ;
Section : Front Page Page Number 1

Every step you take, they'll be watching you

By Paul John & Radha Sharma/TNN

S u r a t/A h m e d a b a d:

Papas and mamas are getting the jitters at the prospect of their wards going the nine of Navratri. Before the revelry kicks off on Tuesday, a number of worried parents are flocking to the offices of private detective detective agencies, asking them to keep watch over their children.

Some agencies in the city have also reported a new trend picking up amongst NRI families from the US and the UK - hiring detective services to keep a watch on their prospective 'bahus' during Navratri.

Some agencies are also offering their clients an internet Protocol (IP) camera facility to snoop on their children via the internet.


Using this, parents can watch their children live on the internet after logging into the agency's website. Individual clients are given their respective passwords which route them to a live site.


So far, the agencies have received around 30-40 inquiries, out of which agencies have rounded off 10 to 12 case.

Owner of Black-Cat security services, Surat, MM Khan, claimed to have at least four NRI families who wanted to know more about their prospective brides before they finalised the engagement later this year. "and what better time to snoop on them than during Navratri," Khan said, "I had received at least 25 inquiries from NRI families this year. I only took four for professional reasons."

Kahn is handling 12 cases where husbands are snooping on wives and boyfriends on their girls.

The Ahmedabad Detective Agency(ADA) - a namesake of Black - Cat - also run by MM Khan, will be tailling five every night.

The affianced ones are making the best of the opportunity. "We have request from fiances of four girls in their 20s who want us to shadow them throughout Navratri, " says Richards George of Globe Detective Agency.

Even boys are being shadowed. "With boys, parents are bothered about whether they are into smoking and drugs," says ADA's Khan.

Cash registers are ringing at the agencies which charge from Rs 10,0000 to Rs Rs 15, 000 per 'snoop'.

Professional ISO - certified detective agencies charge anywhere between Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per case, for any additional services. "We have received 10 cases where parents want us to track the activities of their wards," said SISA Securities' Sameer Sharma.