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>>Bilkul Online ( M M Khan …the 'Sherlock Holmes' of Gujarat )

Publication :Times Of India Ahmedabad

Date :2006 Oct 20 ; Section : Ahmedabad Times Page Number26

M M Khan …the 'Sherlock Holmes' of Gujarat

Khan -A Born Detective who has carved a niche for himself in his passionate career

‘Blackcats Secret Service’ …. Solution to all your 'secret' worries

Bilkul Special Report By: Rafat Quadri

Never before in his entire professional life as a detective, spanning nearly two decades, has M M Khan been so terribly busy.
However, Khan is no mood of complaint either. In fact, he seems to be loving the busy schedule. Since his career is his passion, along with money it brings sheer joy, fun and adventure to his life
. Khan is , always eager to solve the jigsaw puzzle of human relation which thrives on love and faith but often go haywire when there is need for life affirming healing touch in the event of any suspension or misunderstanding arising , shaking one’s confidence and trust, derailing the sweet journey of life


Whenever there is a deficit of trust, abundance of nagging suspicion and other negative emotions that usually kill a healthy relation , a detective like Khan, who often remains invisible and faceless - comes in the picture and his services are hired either to ‘fix’ the problem or to take an appropriate decision based on his report. Usually the ongoing Navratri festival happens to be that season when a detective like Khan, who runs an Ahmedabad based Blackcats Secret Service, looks forward to. Because Navratri is not only the longest dance festival , it is also synonymous with enormous business possibilities for a professional detective like him - for, to him, it means a lot of challenging assignments that he always loves to handle , surveillances to be carried out that fetch him decent revenue which could easily match with the earnings of a CEO of any leading corporate house.


Besides, there is a lot of thrill and job satisfaction…and often an assured free gift. Though it is very unusual a profession for many, but, for Khan it is both his career and his passion and that too a rewarding one.
During the process he has developed enormous contacts and genuine relations with many. Khan, a good looking, smart, clean shaved, well dressed detective is at work with his ‘third eye’ with all conviction round the clock, as per the need of his client’s requirements. He is on toes, his men are in the field with all those little queries that Khan assigns them.
In the age of a prevailing cut-throat competition and rivalry in politics, business and corporate world and stressed lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly necessary to hire detective like Khan.



M M Khan : Director Blackcats Secret Service


Other than parents who want to keep a watch on their daughters and sons and also would- be- spouses who want to check whether all is well with their future life partners when they are out enjoying and celebrating` night life` revelry.

This famed revelry is nothing but dance of emotions ,worshipping not just goddesses but one’s loved one that they adore and feel passionate about ,at times leading to consequences that make parents anxious and protective.

When the Assembly elections are round the corner, a detective whose plate is already full, is happily overburdened with more lucrative assignments. Now he is hired by political parties to get inputs on rivals, prospective competitors and candidates .

``The nature, scope and canvass of each investigation varies and so does the fee`` ,says Khan , Ahmedabad’s leading detective who has also conducted parallel investigations into several sensitive cases relating to the fake encounters and other gory crimes that, not so long ago, made national and international headlines .

With Navratri already in action and Election ‘season’ in the air, Khan is in action too. His clients are generally rich people, big organisations both local as well as Non -Resident Gujaratis(NRGs).

Some of the Khan’s clients insist for his services to test the loyalty of a boy or girl before solemnizing the marriage. ‘Once they are satisfied and the results have been helpful for them, they recommended our name in their circles and over the years it has been a great experience, feels Khan.

A mainstream political party has hired him to find out about certain number of persons who are likely to be fielded as candidates by another smaller political party. Another major political party has hired him to collect information about the movement of certain fellow party men before taking any bet on them.

Khan was given an assignment three months ago to keep a watch on a powerful local politician before inducting him in the party on Wednesday.

So presently Khan is not only busy with usual assignments – keeping a tab on so and so - but has been hired to get inside information from host of candidates and members within a party and rival camp- it is surely a windfall of God sent opportunities for a detective like him.

With his deep pocket and huge earning, in this age of inflation and recession , Khan is ,perhaps ,one of the few happy men who is not only counting money but dancing, displaying his love for life and living his belief that every person is a detective by nature ,though not everybody can become a Khan and opt for an off- beat career , even though many find the job so fascinating .

After all, life of a detective is so enchanting as described in fiction and portrayed in films – but the real life could be more beautiful than even the reel one .

You can check it with Khan , an unassuming detective , always questioning all that one should question to find the ultimate answer of an unanswered ,unsolved riddle in any form- be it on the venue of Garba , a political battleground or dark and ugly world of crime .

Those who hire Khan’s Blackcats Secret Service are assured of the best quality of work and genuine results, at competitive fee and work rendered in total confidential manner.