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Hi-tech gizmos make spying more effective

Ahmedabad : Picture this a marketing manager in a textile firm is out on a field trip in his car. His driver for some reason, does not play the music. Chances are his car is bugged, probably by the manager's boss or the firm's rival, to overhear conversations.

Private Investigators (PIs) have started relying on hi-tech gadgets to snoop on targets, who could be the employees or rivals of business groups. Detective agencies in Ahmedabad are now acquiring modern spy gadgets for snooping activities. A PI told TOI, " Microphones, which are easily hidden, are used to spy on corporate clients. They are placed in a target's car or a cabin. "

MM Khan of Black Cat Secret Service said, " Audio and video gadgets, infrared devices, night mode cameras, binoculars equipped with cameras, bugging and debugging devices are used by detectives nowadays for covert operations depending of the client profile and needs. "

" However, we still lag behind when compared to the spy technology used in the West," he added. Spy gadgets, like a binocular fitted with a camera, can take pictures without getting noticed. A small bugging deviced can be placed at strategic places at strategic places to overhear conversations. Most PIs say that the technology employed by detectives to collect evidence is crucial for the investigation. Seventy percent of the cases using these devices relate to spousal infidelity while the rest compromise organizational spying on executives and managers. There are still some who prefer traditional methods. Sukhdev Chauhan of Canny Detective & Security Services said, "We still use film cameras and simple tape recorders for spying as clients are not willing to shell out money for sophisitcated spy equipment. "