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>> Press Report : 4

Lady Holmes on the prowl

Gujarat has woken up to women detectives, At finds out
JHUMARI NIGAM Times News Network

"Sar kata sakte hain lekin ,sar jhuka sakte nahi," is how Jagruti Puri Gosai sums up her philosophy in life. and her profession is in keeping with this 'diehard' attitude. A director of Ahmedabad Detective Private Limited, Gosai has established herself as a successful lady investigator with almost decade of experience to her credit.

"It's been a tough journey but worth the effort. you need to have a lot of determination to survive in this profession, " she says. so what are the pre-requisites of being an investigator ? " it's very important for the person to maintain clarity regarding the purpose and aim of investigation, otherwise it can be misused ," says Gosai.

Like her , there are other women, who have donned the sherlock Holmes cap and are dead serious about their job.

But unlike Gosai , 26-year-old smita (her chosen pseudonym) prefers to maintain anonymity because it helps her with her investigations. "If my identity is revealed then nobody would help us with the inquiries. we need to be discreet, " she says. working with vadadara's Globe Investigators for four years , Smita feels the society is now opening up to women investigators, which is a healthy sign . " we work within our network, so the risk element is not as high as it is made out to be. as a women , the only limitation is when surveillance requires us to travel alone to distant places, " she adds. That women make for great detectives is also endorsed by many agencies. says salil kumar , regional manager of a leading detective agency in vadodara , "Having a lady investigator helps - they get easy access to different places. moreover , women are naturally competent professionals. In fact , you find young girls freelancing for detective agencies in metros too."

There are other aspects also where a woman scores. like posing as a salesgirl , shadowing someone in a public place or supporting a male colleague by posing as his partner.

" But it's difficult to find too many such women. we had two female investigators but one got married and the other moved abroad, " says RP chauhan , of yet another investigative agency .chauhan adds, " we need smart , intelligent women in this field because there are certain

investigations which need the expertise of women. "