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Publication :Times Of India Ahmedabad ;
Date :2007 March 29

The 'James Bonds have arrived
Kumar Manish / TNN

Ahmedabad : Pritesh Patel gate a phone call offering a bank loan. The sweet voice introduces herself as sakshi jain after talking for a while she requests patel for a meeting the unsuspecting patel meets jain and makes a pass little knowing that jain is a woman detective by his own wife's to keep a check on his flirtatious ways. The 'lady' James Bonds have arrived on the ahmedabad scene

Rekha Rajput a woman detective says the job profile of a detective always fascinated me so after my graduation instead of going out for a regular job I preferred to become a detective as a detective we have to impersonate as sales girls sample surveyors or even agents form credit card companies or banking services to elicit information from suspects homes she says. Rajput claims to have done 29 cases so far "and I have been quite successful in solving all of them," she says. RP Chauhan of perfect Investigation says, "corporate clients sometimes ask especially for lady detectives to garner information about rival companies technical know-how of their products, their marketing strategy, major clients and incentives offered.

""In Ahmedabad, not many women are forthcoming for this job so most the time we have to hire them from Delhi and Mumbai," he adds "We mostly enter through a fake identify in the target organization and try to develop sources before getting on the job. Information gathering is a tedious job much requires full confidentiality, the moment we realize we are doubted we disappear from the scene," says a women detective on condition of anonymity. MM khan of Blackcat Secret Services says, "Women detectives are quite god in collecting and procuring evidence compared to their male counterparts."

About the risks, Rajput says, "We try to gauge the situation and the suspect and if he acts funny we retreat from the scene immediately."