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Publication :Times News Network;
Date :2003 Feb18

Sleuths wary of responding to Nitin's call

AHMEDADBAD FORMER REVENUE AND FINANCE MINISTER Nitin Patel's call to private detective agencies and sleuths, interested in mustering evidence against corrupt Bureaucrats and nailing them has evoked mixed reactions from city - based investigators.

While some detective agencies completely distanced themselves from the case , some others are wary to respond to the appeal. Says branch manager of Globe Detective Agency Pvt Ltd, Richard George : " we are not interested in this case. First , it is a public appeal and we respond only to private parries. Two, it smacks of political gamesmanship.

The person who got the appeal published seems to have an axe to grind and is quite influential otherwise why would the CM institute an inquiry into the whole case. We would not like to get into this one." Managing director of Noble Detectives & Security Services , Mr. M.M.Bhatt , too has decided not to get involved in this case." I am not going to in this politically charged case would hamper our interests in the long run, "Bhatt said

Another investigator S.N Sinha of Sinha Associates, said," On the face of it, the case does not seem to be genuine. Especially as the minister in question did not carry out such an exercise during his tenure. Now that his honeymoon with the Sachivalay is over, he wants to rake up a controversy. So we have not responded to the appeal as yet," However , not all investigators feel there is more to this case than meets the eye.

"I am going to apply for this case as I feel is is a an attempt to weed out corruption. I feel there is substance in the claims made by patel otherwise he wouldn't have gone public with his allegations ,"said M.M.Khan of Ahmedabad Detective Pvt Ltd. Moreover, he to aging anything except exposing corrupt officials. Group four investing firm, has yet to make up its mind in this regard." we have not thought his through. We'll make yet to make up its mind in this regard "we have not thought this through. We'll make our mind once we have all the details," said the firm's regional manager, Mr. Bhatt.